OPEN: Any creation has to be transformable.
COURAGEOUS: Question everything and accept risk taking, to change the status quo.
IMMERSIVE: Be immersed in the context, to shape necessary and collective dreams.
ITERATIVE: Recognise and raise the value of the existent and reactivate its value.
UNDERSTANDABLE: Make the complex accessible and understandable by anyone.
CAREFUL: Take the necessary time for reflection, to find the common good.
JUST: Collaborate with, and trust transversal knowledges, for an accurate and fair output.
SHAREABLE: Idealism will be shared and transmitted to generate transformative practices.

To be an Idealist is to share the values above and try to implement them in your daily work. You will be invited to collaborate on different projects and you can submit your own projects to the Idealists.

If you are an Idealist, join us by sharing with us your background below !